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Planning Above and Beyond Legacy Site renamed

Let’s call this site from now on (August 2016)

This site has been around a long time under the url  A site that author John Griffiths started in 2000 to 2006 to write about planning issues and to promote his planning consultancy. People tell me that they keep using it.  So I have filed it under the useful dare I say it unique URL of . If you want to know about me and the work I do then will be the much smaller site that focusses on just that. Getting me work! Look and feel will change. And slow revisions will take place. I will do my best to keyword the site to make individual pages easier to find.

And it may be that I will use parts of this site to run other pro bono planning projects on behalf of the whole community.

It would be remiss of me not to plug the two books I have contributed towards. The 2016 published 98% Pure Potato which I co wrote with Tracey Follows. And Readings in Account Planning edited by Hart Weichselbaum and published in 2008. An updated version of that is due to be relaunched later this year I think – I did a little work on my chapter about integrated communications. You can order them from Amazon by clicking on the titles.


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The back catalogue of writing about communications planning and strategy is still here. Just point your mouse at the menu on the left.

Click here to get contact details for John Griffiths the author or call 07740 125794

You can always catch my blog on Furtherandfaster  and Postcards from a Planner not to mention johngriffiths7 on twitter


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