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The Bookshop


Intro to the bookshop

You just GOT to read!! Well my daughter (pictured here) is a lot older now And she can read for herslf.  But I am still reading. I ran this bookshop adding titles to it from 2000 to 2005 and there are lot of books here most with reviews. Over 200 the largest bookshop of planning related books you will find anywhere.  I will do my best to add more books as I go. But the back catalogue is still pretty good though many of the categories are showing their age. Digital wasn’t a word we really used then so that’s called the internet. Viral would be called word of mouth or herd marketing now.  The point is that the books are here and a little bit about them.

So here are a few pointers

Recent reads are the books I have either just finished or which are still on my  bookshelf. See the ones up on the right? Those are the ones I made most use of in 2013.

Indepth reviews are books which have had different chapters contributed by different authors. So I have gone into rather more detail. 

There is a section on books with attached websites but that may come down soon as I suspect the related websites have long since disappeared.

I will come back to In their own words later but that’s a series of interviews with authors. With unique content you can listen to or watch.

The good news about the bookshop is that it makes money  – you buy the book a tab starts. And once there is a big enough tab I shall put the word out and organise a place and time to drink the accumulated income with whoever is free that night to come and have a few free drinks.    I am an Amazon associate so wherever you see a title underlined you can click straight through to the Amazon site to order it.   If you want to buy a book at Amazon rates and it’s not on the site then ask me to put it on.

If you don’t work within reach of Soho, London then buy the books give me some work and I’ll come and buy YOU a drink! That’s what I did in Bucharest a few years ago.

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