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Booksales/Site Drinks

This was where we posted times and locations for drinking the income from the bookshop . Last time was the Amsterdam cafe in Bucharest in the Old town (photo attached from that night – self with Costin Radu  – the Romanians will be able to explain why my business card is stamped on my forehead!.  Last drinks night in London was the Crown and Two Chairmen, Dean Street Soho!

You can see the benefit of buying the books from this site. Apart from the convenience it gives us a hit parade.  I have left in a couple of the ancient ones. This site was turning over 2-3000 of sales a year. Not a livelihood but a great barometer of the books planners were buying and reading.


Here were the top selling books for the first 9 months of 2005: 150 items sold. That’s over £2,200 sales raking in £140 in commission for the drinks tab. I’ll sort out a date for the next drinks night and will post it here. Still trying to decide whether to make it this side of Christmas or have a knees up early in January. Thanks you for your continued support on this one. Particular congrats to whoever bought a Platystation via the website! People are using the Amazon in ways that I never thought of. I think I am going to have to start listing the books CDs and DVDs you’re buying which I haven’t reviewed or even heard of!


The Mental World of Brands is the top seller. John Grant continues his reign as top author with 10 sales with his 2 volumes. But pride of place has to go to James Webb Young the legendary advertising man from JWT – whose book has gone to top seller without any pushing from me because I hadn’t heard of it! The people have spoken! Will get my hands on it and review it very soon. Robert Heath’s seminal work on low involvement processing continues to sell at £45 a time. Across the whole list of books purchased planning, research and brainstorming books are in roughly equal proportions.

1 Mental World of Brands Giep Franzen Margot Bouwen 7

2= A technique for producing ideas James Webb Young 6

2= The New Marketing Manifesto John Grant 6

2= The Art of Looking Sideways 6

5= The Hidden Power of Advertising Robert Heath 5

5= Participatory Workshops Robert Chambers 5

7= Scoring Points Clive Humby Terry Hunt 4

7= Good Thinking Wendy Gordon 4

7= After Image John Grant 4

7= Brand New Brand Thinking Mark Earls Merry Baskin 4

7 = Truth Lies and Advertising Jon Steel 4

7= How to Plan Advertising Alan Cooper 4


Here are  the biggest clickthroughs of 2005 – 2261 clickthroughs in all! This has to be a unique bellwether of account planning interest and attention.

Item Name Clicks

After Image – Grant 116

Mental World of Brands – Franzen Bouwen 104

Hidden Power of Advertising – Heath 88

£9.99 – Beigbeder 62

The Art of looking sideways – Fletcher 57

Welcome to the creative age – Earls 55

Scoring Points: Tesco Loyalty

47 Big Idea Book – Owen 45

The Pirate Inside Morgan 44

Facilitators Pocketbook 33

Brand New Brand Thinking – Baskin Earls 31

Sixty Trends in 60 minutes- Hill 31

Truth Lies and Advertising Steel 29

Brand stretch – Taylor 28

Wally Ollins on Brand – Ollins 28

Contemporary Market Research – Marks 27

Participatory Workshops – Chambers 26

Mission Shaped Church – Cray 25

New Marketing Manifesto – Grant 25






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