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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Indepth Reviews


From 2000 to 2005 there have were a number of indepth reviews where I would review a set of books or even chapter by chapter. In the interests of brevity I’ve put them all here.





Communications Challenge Julian Saunders edits the APG’s colloboration with the Royal Mail on media neutral planning. The publication which saw the media agencies ‘coming out’ in comms planning for the first time. APG 2004

Qualitative Market Research – the Rolling Review – a set of 7 books which captures the oral tradition of the theory and practice of qual research, Reviewed one book at a time. and how do to it. Sage 2003

brand new brand thinking Merry Baskin Mark Earls edit a collection of some of the brightest new thinking about brands APG 2002

Qualitative Research in Context Laura Marks edits a wide ranging review of the frontiers of research where qual research is making inroads Admap 2000






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