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Bookshop – Qualitative Research in Context

Qualitative Research in Context

Edited by Laura Marks
Publisher: Admap in conjunction with
Association for Qualitative Research (AQR)
Publication date: Sept 2000
Price £34.00

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This book is concerned with how and why specific industries have realised the to understand people, and how qualitative research is now playing a vital role in facilitating this process.  The book is divided into chapters, each covering an area in which qualitative research is used.  Each chapter is written by a leading practitioner in the field and most also have a consultant author who brings additional expertise to the subject.  The chapters are divided into 3 main sections: the consumer context and why an understanding of the public has become essential; the role for qualitative research; and practicalities within the specific field.  Each one starts with an introduction from the editor and is concluded with a helpful summary list.

From reviews of the book:

‘Clearly set out with editorial introductions and concluding summaries for each chapter, Mark’s book is one of the most compelling text books I have encountered’ – Roddy Glen

‘This is the first book that I have come across that properly puts research in its business context, and examines the link between the particular research approach and the client’s information needs with respect to their business objectives.’ – Mary Goodyear

‘This book demonstrates the growing sophistication and reach of qualitative research methods and thinking …the discipline has come of age – of that there can be no doubt’ – Wendy Gordon

Table of contents

1. The theory of Qualitative Market Research
Mike Imms

2. Qualitative Research in the New Broadcasting Age
Alastair Burns

3. Developing Television Programmes
 Tony Regan with David Brook

4. Advertising Research
Chris Forrest with Terry Prue

5. Qualitative Research and Direct Marketing
Tod Norman with Chris Barraclough

6. The Use of Qualitative Research in Commercial Media Planning
Will Collin and Jon  Wilkins

7. Design Research in Action
Jean Carr with Peter Wallis

8. Qualitative Research in the Development of Higher Education
Sue Robson with Angie Ballard

9. Museums, Galleries and the Arst World
Susie Fisher

10. Politics and Qualitative Research
Deborah Mattinson with Tim Bell

11. Qualitative Research in the Social Policy Field
Alan Hedges with Sue Duncan

12. Qualitative Research and Religion
John Griffiths with James Jones

13. Qualitative Research and Innovation
David Spenser and Stephen Wells

14. International Qualitative Research
Peter Cooper




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