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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

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Web Analytics an hour a day, Avinash Kaushik Sybex 2007
I bought this in 2008 when it was brand new. And I've only just picked it up. I don't think it has dated much. Brilliant because its not webtool dependent - its clear thinking about what business measurement actually entails. And it gives qual research a central place. Analytics doesn't tell you why someone browsing a website did what they did. You need to ask they to tell you what they were thinking. I am reading this at the moment and I have just taken delivery of his sequel Web Analytics 2.0
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The insights advantage, Marco Vriens Bloomington 2012
experienced client analyst talking about what it takes to make insights stick. Full review to follow.
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Perfecting Sound forever, Greg Milna Granta 2010
A remarkable book if you enjoy music. This is the history of recorded sound starting with Edison and going right through to Metallica and the Red Hot Chillies cramming the sound spectrum with as much noise as they could. What is so interesting about the journey is the way that sound has had to be marketed - sold to the market at each stage. And that sound is subjective. It is about psycho accoustics - it can't be objective. I loved it but then I'm a musician.
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The Wisdom of Pyschopaths, Kevin Dutton Random House Sept 2012
I enjoyed Dutton's previous book Flipnosis on the psychology of persuasion. One of the best chapters in that bookj recounts his interview with a psychopath and how the psychopath manipulated him. In this title he returns to how psychopaths operate. And comes up with the intriguing idea tthat its only the hopeless and the over the top psychopaths who end up in prison. The rest do very successfully as lawyers, doctors, soldiers, any kind of job which requires emotional detachment and the skill to manipulate others. Fascinating.
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