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Etsi aka What if?, Brice Auckenthale Jean Jacques Everard
Let's me really clear here to keep the lawyers at bay. This book is nothing to do with the brainstorming consultancy called Whatif? who have a book of the same name listed on this site and are less than chuffed about the appearance of this 'competitor'. But as one of the authors Brice said to me with a gallic shrug How else do you translate Et si? This is a collection of articles written by a couple of futurists from France and Belgium: Brice Auckenthale and Jean Jacques Everard. I met Brice at a seminar on the future of Chinese brands hosted by Future Foundation last month. Let's be frank: these guys have been writing a column for a couple of years and then turned it into a book with art direction. Is it worth the translation? Well I think it is worth a look. The book comes across as very wacky.. all right I'll say it French - and much of the thinking was strange to me. But in this lies its appeal. You see futurism is about emotion and passion and judgement. I would argue that futurists are as much creating the future as second guessing it. And if the only futurist thinking you are exposed to is anglo-saxon vis vis a mid Atlantic muddle dominated by the English language chances are you will feel that futurist thinking is all much of a muchness. Wrong. You need to change your perspective. Once I had read this I set my mind to find some Middle Eastern trend material and some from China itself. You need need new eyes: read Koan no 16. You'll have to find some way to get them to sell it to you from France. When I find the application form I think I have, I'll scan it and post it here. You can print it out and mail or fax your order.
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60 Trends in 60 minutes, Sam Hill 2002 Wiley
Well having attended Trendwatchings half day conference in April I was ready for some packaged trending. And this is a solid read - if you manage to get all 60 trends read in 60 minutes I'd like to hear from you because there's way more substance in the book than the title suggests: 235 pages plus a solid list of sources and notes. It is US focussed but actually very transferable - you would just need to dig out the equivalent stats in your own market. The other strength in the book is that it includes a methodology for how you can start to brainstorm trends in your own company - so this book is designed to be used. The trends themselves subdivide into Geopolitical, technology, societal, consumer, business and workplace trends and yes interconnectedness is there as is the internet but frankly if they weren't would you bother reading it? The point is that there is a lot more than that and one of the more useful aspects of the book is that with 60 trends to identify there are more than a few counter trends which you may find more useful for niche markets. Well worth buying and working through.
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After Image, John Grant 2002 Harper Collins
Review can be found on a separate After Image page in the bookshop on this site. Also on Amazon by the book listing.
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Soul of a New Consumer, David Lewis Darren Bridger, Nicholas Brealley Publishing 2000
A relatively new book on changing consumer attitudes. The new consumer is not a member of a mass audience or target segment. He/she is looking for authentic experiences and consumes in order to define him/herself. It is a very accessible read but a bit of a tour guide - nothing too profound -it may or may not be up your street. For example he never convincingly explains WHY people seek authenticity.
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Eveolution the 8 truths of marketing to women, Faith Popcorn 2001 Hyperion
I have been working on a project which involved looking at trends for women aged 15-34. Eveolution really hits the spot. Yes it's American in orientation and Ms Popcorn is a little OTT but it's a very readable punt at the long term effects of the growing confidence and power of women in our society. Worth a look.
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The Popcorn Report, Faith Popcorn 1992 HarperCollins
Dated now but the concepts are as borrowable as ever. Clicking is also good but harder to get hold of now. Click here to visit her rather exuberant website. Help her write her next book?!
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