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In their own words author interviews

In their own words.. the digital audio interviews – more than a year before podcasts existed

In the summer of 2002 I started interviewing certain authors as well as reading and reviewing their books onsite. These are authors I wanted to hear talking about their work to get an impression of the way they think. So I went to meet them, recorded the interviews in digital audio, sliced up the quotes and posted them on the site along with my review. Sometimes the authors have given permission for part of their content to be placed on the site. So you can get a flavour of their work without having to fork out for the book up front. These are exclusive interviews and I hope to build these up into a collection of some of the most interesting writers whose work you should be familiar with. Move your mouse over Mark Earls if you want some movement! I gather something called podcasting has become something of a craze since starting these. Just remember that interviews started here 5 years ago when internet speeds weren’t fast enough to do anything other than slice and dice!

bullet Green Marketing Manifesto – John Grant’s book about doing Green Marketing well and in such a way that you engage your customers. Green puritans and doomsayers needn’t apply. There’s also an audio interview of John from the book launch in Nov 2007

g4 Herd – Mark Earls Human beings are herd animals. Your consciousness tells you its down to you as an individual. Who’s right? 2x 40 minute podcasts of conversation with Mark about the book re March 2007

g3 Conversations with Marketing Masters – Louella Miles and Laura Mazur interview the ‘old guys’ of marketing. People whose ideas you’ve been using throughout your career without knowing it was theirs in the first place. April 2007

g2 Perfect pitch – Jon Steel’s second book about how to win pitches. What does he know? Well apparently he wins 9 our of every 10. That’s seems on the high side. Not really – in the interview Jon explains that his success rate has fallen to 90% at the time of the interview. Enjoy lots of goodies about and with an individual to whom the term legend is becoming attached. March 2007

g1 Brand Innovation Manifesto – John Grant’s 3rd book introduces brand molecules and the periodic table of brand ideas. This is the first interview conducted entirely on video and shows also how the Brand Tarot cards launched alongside the book can be used. At the time the interview was posted John commented that of all the interviews he had done this one really conveyed what he set out to do with the book. Recorded in June and eventually posted Sept 2006

The Space Race – Jim Taylor sticks his neck out. At a time of unprecendented ferment – new channels every month and falling margins and audience stretching agencies to breaking point – he tell us where communications planning is heading past 2020. Content you won’t find anywhere else on or off the web. Nov 2005

The Pirate inside – The Adam Morgan interview. The man who put challenger brands back on the map talks about his new book The Pirate Inside and the next book he’s in the middle of writing. Another site exclusive but you’ll also find this interview on the APG website Sept 2004

Scoring Points – The Tesco Clubcard Interview – Terry Hunt and Clive Humby two of the architects behind one of the world’s most successful loyalty programmes talk about the book they wrote to celebrate the Club Card’s 10th birthday. Another site exclusive. June 2004

Brands go Mental. A first the only interview in English – and the only one you’re likely to hear – the 2 authors of The Mental World of Brands talk about the book which brought neuroscience to bear on branding. Plus an article on integration by Giep Franzen one of the authors. June 2003

Welcome to the Creative Age. Mark Earls is interviewed about the death of marketing, interventions and why bnards are so much more valuable than brands Jan 2003

Low Involvement Processing The Robert Heath Interview In 2001 Robert Heath published a paper that got rave reviews from some of the leading thinkers in the UK advertising industry. Advertising tracking research agencies nearly had a seizure. But unless you read Admap or regularly browse the WARC database you won’t have come across it. In this interview Robert Heath gives a swift overview of Low Involvement Processing and what the implications are. LIP is either terribly wrong or the best theory yet on how advertising actually works. If he’s right then it will totally change the way advertising is developed, how it is tracked and how advertising is used. This is the lowest cost introduction you’ll ever see to a £45 book. And yes you can order it here! Sept 2002.

£9.99. Enfant Terrible lifts the rug on French Advertising and got fired from Y&R Paris for his pains. In this English translation launched in July 2002 Frederic Beigbeder romps through the sea, sand, drugs and sex which are part and parcel of the daily life of a creative. Completely over the top. Hilarious. I got permission to print his 10 commandments for creatives.

After Image– John Grant’s futuristic follow up to New Marketing Manifesto published in May 2002. There’s a whole chapter of the book in pdf format for you to download. Find out why Kim Wilde is an object lesson in how forward thinking brands should behave. May 2002





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