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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

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I send out a monthly newsletter to keep people informed about changes to the site, special offers, and particularly the twice yearly event when I intend to go to a bar in Soho and put the bookshop income behind the bar and buy drinks until it is gone! Sign up here and I’ll keep you posted.  You can cancel anytime by returning to this page and entering your e-mail address and selecting “unsubscribe”.  I won’t sell, swap or otherwise abuse your email address.  Nor will I mail you 5 times a week with crap offers. But if you have been surfing for any length of time you will know that without a reminder from time to time, you’ll forget the site is here and that would be a shame.

While you’re signing up I I’d appreciate a little feedback about what you like about the site at the moment and your votes on what you’d like to see in future

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Which areas of the site do you find most interesting?


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Which possible additions to the site would you be interested in?
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Planners community/message board area
General marketing stats/demographics summary page
Planning reframing/problem solving/exercise area 
Directory of UK agencies with contact details for Planning heads
New research products/planning tools showcase/review area
Downloadable papers about account planning collected over 20 years
Q&A area from Where do I get hold of X to How should I tackle X
Job/placement find area   
Online training exercises, self completed lessons
Training on how to use the site and the internet better 
WAP extension of the site


If you want to comment in more length on any of the above then please use the space provided below:

 I am developing a number of planning/research tools. The first two are:  Brand Safari a structured ‘encounter’ between marketers and customers and Brand Gumshoe five individual interviews, one in-home visit and one accompanied shop collected within a 24 hour period captured on digital audio/photography/video and burned onto CD-ROM

Would you like a sample proposal for either product?

Brand Safari

Brand Gumshoe




Welcome aboard! Thanks very much

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