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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Craft Topics


Over the months a number of pieces have been added which loosely fall into the category of planning craft – and there’s nowhere else to put them so here they are! There are other articles which fall into the 3 main areas of brand promise, brand audiences and brand delivery.



Chart Junk Posted in June 2005 The art of communication or ‘Powerpoint ain’t it!’ with big respect to Edward Tufte

Unplugged Posted in July 2005 How do we respond if audiences start to turn off. Isn’t it time we measured the limits of our reach?


Interogating the Chairman’s Wife. Posted in Nov 2003 What you can learn about a market by interviewing your clients

Neuroscience Posted in Sept 2004 When someone bamboozles you with neuroscience here’s how to bluff your way back.

Good company Posted in Jan 2005 What is the point of being a company? What a plc is capable of..

Bad Work Posted in Feb 2005 Bad work happens. What can we do to reduce the incidence of it?









Category Marketing – Posted in April 2002 when the QM left us. Are the Royals a brand or a category? And when should you focus on building the category not your brand?

War posted in April 2003 when Tony unleashed our boys. But what is the effect of war on consumption? Thinking aloud.

The Going Mobile issue. Posted in May 2003. An overview, a piece on the marcoms implications for and a some giveaways – a piece on SMS marketing by Russell Buckley, using texting as a research tool by Steve Watkins of 2CV, links to the Wired report on Wireless.

Tribes and Tribal thinking. Posted in June 2003 with a thinkpiece and some examples of how and how not to do it And you can also get Mark Earl’s 2003 award winnning MRS paper on advertising to the herd.



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