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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Craft Topics – Bluejacking

Bluejacking – more tech improv nobody foresaw

Have you heard of bluejacking? OK have you heard of bluetooth? Chances are that you have a mobile which has bluetooth. Which means that you can use a headset without a wire. Which is nice. And if your mobile has a modem your laptop or PDA can use the mobile to browse the web or to collect or send email which is clever. In fact bluetooth devices are being used in all sorts of devices from yachts to cars to video cameras. They don’t take up a whole lot of power and they communicate with one another. Infrared doesn’t care who gets it. Bluetooth devices recognise each other up to 30 feet.

Here’s the cute part. Someone in Singapore noticed that you could spot all the bluetooth devices around you. All the unshielded ones anyway. And that you could communicate with them – send them business cards. Which was how bluejacking began. Guerilla warfare using mobile phones. Here’s the best bit. It isn’t on the telephone network. SMS and MMS cost you money. Bluejacking is under the radar. It won’t cost you a penny. Poor old mobile networks – another lost revenue opportunity.

Well here’s an article contributed by the agency Rainier PR. You’ll also find it in Downloads.

(39K) Bluejacking as a Marketing Channel – A white paper by Stephen Waddington of Reinier PR.


And while we’re on the topic here are a couple of websites you may find useful: and run by Russell Buckley who elsewhere on this site contributed an article on mobile marketing you’ll find here.

As for me – well I’m working on a retail version of this – imagine sending shoppers relevant messages as they walk past the front door. Maybe that scene in Minority Report isn’t so far fetched afer all.



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