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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

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In this section I want to unpack the notion of creating more than you consume which I hope will become something of a mantra for people who use the site. It started as a way of challenging how I worked. But is evolving as an alternative to consumerism. Consumerism is lazy thinking – there is far more to human experience than using or buying stuff. If you want to understand how I got to this then read More creativity please or koan no 10

In memories are made of this I address on how people create the past. And the implications of this for communicators.

Use expertise is about how professional communicators might do everyone a favour by engaging with people’s expertise instead of trying to informationalising them to death with the brand as know-it-all.

When disaster strikes, consumerism as a model doesn’t help us. Service brands that help people cope in a crisis are usually rewarded with high levels of loyalty and word of mouth. But that is because they are good at anticipating what people are likely to do and capable of doing. Which is usually to improvise.

Marketing LOVEs to segment. All of which assumes your audience are aggregates of individuals. Who stay the same. Of course if we wear different hats then segmentation starts to unravel. Which it is.

More Creativity please: Introduction – why creation needs to replace consumption

Memories are made of this: Creativity and the past

Use expertise: not yours idiot – theirs!

Losing your head in a crisis: when in trouble people don’t consume they improvise

Segmentation of One: its not which group you belong to – but who do you want to be today?



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