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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Internet Research – Internet Based


This is the use of the internet to gather and distribute research data which can be about anything not just the internet.


Michael Herbert Associates 

Offer Cyberqual - live qualitative groups using PCs. Can demonstrate it to you without you having to leave your own office or them leaving their own. All kinds of possibilities. Attend a focus group recruited from the US, moderated from London and watch it from anywhere you like. Cost structure the same as a conventional off line qualitative group in the UK. Won't get into the methodology arguments here but you have to admit it's a great idea.

0208 749 7001


Net Survey 

This outfit interested me because they are doing a lot of internal culture/employee research using the internet/intranets. They also do internet online and offline etc but this seemed a genuine and innovative point of difference.

Andrew Bannister 01483 549025


Survey Analysis 

Provide research data to your desktop. Using a web browser interface. Allegedly every other competitor is using bespoke software. So it makes getting hold of data faster, easier and there's only one copy to update. Fair dos.

0207 388 1587
Paul Finer


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