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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Internet Research – Listing



B & MR 

b&mr have a lot of experience doing customer satisfaction and loyalty research. Their methodology involves a qual study into what for a particular brand represents good service followed by quant, then conjoint analysis to find out which are actually valued and differentiate one branded service offering from another. The final phase is a set of scores which can be incorporated into a mystery shopper survey to see how the brand continues to perform. The great thing about this methodology is how it show that all too often companies are trying to improve the wrong things or trying to hard to deliver service levels that nobody wants. When I last spoke to them they were in process of adapting this to the web.

01663 765115


Jupiter MMXI 

The first of the online measurement panel outfits I ever came across. Using software embedded in PCs to track usage. When I spoke to them they were building up their numbers so it was possible to compare the surfing behaviour of people at work and at home. Which is critical stuff based on what I know from work I have done myself.

0207 734 8733


Michael Herbert Associates 

Offer Cyberqual - live qualitative groups using PCs. Can demonstrate it to you without you having to leave your own office or them leaving their own. All kinds of possibilities. Attend a focus group recruited from the US, moderated from London and watch it from anywhere you like. Cost structure the same as a conventional off line qualitative group in the UK. Won't get into the methodology arguments here but you have to admit it's a great idea.

0208 749 7001


Net Survey 

This outfit interested me because they are doing a lot of internal culture/employee research using the internet/intranets. They also do internet online and offline etc but this seemed a genuine and innovative point of difference.

Andrew Bannister 01483 549025



Research agency devoted to researching the internet but for the most part not using the internet to do it. Everybody seems to be using Netpoll. Their name pops up all over the place.

0207 710 2800



Run panels in order to track usage patterns of internet audiences. Uses a NetMeter a sofware device located in the panellists PC to track what they are up to. Qualification of the panel done offline by Taylor Nelson Sofres.

0207 546 8670
Maya Choudry


Proactive International 

Have an online survey of 400,000 users conducted every 6 months. They find them using the 2,000 top sites worldwide. Note this isn't a panel, it is self completion conducted online

0207 665 1866


Qualitative Consultancy 

Claim that internet/new technology accounts for 12% of their business. Use variety of techniques from traditional qualitative techniques like group discussions, to more appropriate methodologies such as accompanied surfing and moderated email groups. They can do groups whereby respondents are simultaneously online at a central (viewed) location.

0207 487 4430
Sue Robson
Rebecca Lake


Survey Analysis 

Provide research data to your desktop. Using a web browser interface. Allegedly every other competitor is using bespoke software. So it makes getting hold of data faster, easier and there's only one copy to update. Fair dos.

0207 388 1587
Paul Finer 

These people claim to do everything. What is worth keeping an eye on is that Freeserve is their biggest client so they are currently crawling over one of the biggest and most significant groups of surfers in the UK. And they appear to be researching online, offline and tracking.

0208 871 1265
Guy Lipscombe


Taylor Nelson Interactive 

Interface testing. Now everyone claims to offer this but Taylor Nelson have put it into 3 modules: content, usability and satisfaction which covers concept development, site testing and tracking. It seem to be structured enough to give clients a comfort factor that the product is repeatable and benchmarkable (those dreadful norms again!). Worth thinking about.

0207 868 6599
Arno Hummerston


Taylor Research & Consulting 

Not to be confused with Taylor Nelson Sofres (see above) this is a US based internet research outfit that is working in partnership with Simpson Carpenter in the UK. I went to a conference they ran earlier in the summer. By virtue of the US's lead in all matters internet, they have a truckload of findings they seem very willing to share.

(001) 422-7600
also Tom Simpson 0208 971 0800


Virtual Surveys Limited 

Evaluate websites using predominantly offline research what they call accompanied surfing. They call them V-Surf interviews. Individual depths at £5,000 for 10. They have a viewing lab but may be able to send video feeds to your desktop.

01256 767576


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