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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Internet Research – Net On Net


The first typology is research about the Internet conducted online i.e. using the internet itself.  There are various kinds: online panels, online pop-up questionnaires, and even online qualitative groups.


Jupiter MMXI 

The first of the online measurement panel outfits I ever came across. Using software embedded in PCs to track usage. When I spoke to them they were building up their numbers so it was possible to compare the surfing behaviour of people at work and at home. Which is critical stuff based on what I know from work I have done myself.

0207 734 8733



Run panels in order to track usage patterns of internet audiences. Uses a NetMeter a sofware device located in the panellists PC to track what they are up to. Qualification of the panel done offline by Taylor Nelson Sofres.

0207 546 8670
Maya Choudry


Proactive International 

Have an online survey of 400,000 users conducted every 6 months. They find them using the 2,000 top sites worldwide. Note this isn't a panel, it is self completion conducted online

0207 665 1866


Qualitative Consultancy 

Claim that internet/new technology accounts for 12% of their business. Use variety of techniques from traditional qualitative techniques like group discussions, to more appropriate methodologies such as accompanied surfing and moderated email groups. They can do groups whereby respondents are simultaneously online at a central (viewed) location.

0207 487 4430
Sue Robson
Rebecca Lake


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