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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Koan No. 10


Koan No 10 Enough consumption already!

“Lord today help me to create more than I consume.” John Griffiths Webmaster Planning Above and Beyond


Well things have got to an all time low when I start to quote myself. But in mitigation I was asked this month to contribute towards a book of prayers for use in the workplace and I offered this one so it will soon be in print. I offer it because it is an increasing preoccupation that my work should make a difference and achieve something positive. But also my increasing frustration with consumerism. How we stick to this tired model that our audiences just “consume” marketing and communications materials and products. Isn’t it time we appealed to more than people’s ability to digest stuff? And I offer an alternative – that people have an instinct to create and collaborate. And that brand and marketing communications could help them do this.



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