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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Koan No. 17

Koan No 17 On helping clients to make decisions

“When you are preparing the next campaign and you are setting up the presentation to the client then ask him if he will let his wife know or if you need to invite her to the meeting yourself – and how you’re willing to reschedule if she can’t make it. He of course will say – Of course she’s not coming what has this got to do with her? To which you answer well her opinion was so decisive in choosing the last ad we ran we just thought it would save time if she came along in person!”
Alan Vojkovic Lowe Digital Zagreb


I met Alan at the Prime Exhibition in Feb 2005 and several of us killed a couple of hours swapping advertising stories. I don’t know if Alan has ever done this – but it made me laugh a lot and I am now on the hunt for an agency whose relationship with their client has fallen to such depths that they would be willing to try this.
If only!



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