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Best New Thinking Winner 2010

Koan No. 3


world on his shouldersWhose problem is it?

Mulla Nasrudin the fabled wise man was in deep trouble. He had borrowed imprudently and was now head over heels in debt. Worse still he hadn’t told his wife and was dreading what she would say when she found out. But after days moping around the house his wife knew something was up and dragged the confession out of him. “I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t figure a way to get around the problem and I didn’t want you to have to share the misery with me”.

“Stupid man!” snorted his wife. And she pointed out of the window. “The man walking across the square in front of the house. Is that the one you owe money to?”

“Yes”, whimpered Mullah Nasrudin “but whatever you do don’t upset him.”

She was already opening the shutters. “Oi  you! Is it true that you lent money to my husband Mullah Nasrudin?  And does he owe you 5000 gold talents?”

“Yes and yes!” came the reply.

“Well you’re not getting your money!” said she slamming the shutters.
“Well that’s sorted dear husband, now it’s HIS problem.”


Most if not all the stress we ever experience comes about because of a problem normally nominated by someone else which we willingly carry. Whose problem is it really?  And who can you get to carry it?

Designed by Matthew Pattman