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Best New Thinking Winner 2010


This is an area where I intend to put classic planning stuff – there’s the HHCL manifesto Marketing at a point of change. There’s Damian O’Malleys use of the Sistine Chapel brief to explain how to write great creative briefs. But the most recent strand is a group of people – the Diageo Planning team no less. Who will get a page to themselves and a piece about their April 2008 planning leadership training meet in Dublin. This scrapbook will expand as I find new classic piees of planning writing, thinking or organisation to inspire you.

Diageo Planning Team. Account Planning goes Clientside

This is an account of 2 days I spent with the leaders of the Diageo Global planning team in April 2008. What does a clientside planning department look like and what is expected from it?

Creative briefing and The Sistine Chapel – Damian O’Malley

Everytime there’s a talk on writing a creative brief this story comes up. You can find it in the APG blue book which is out of print.The brief for the Sistine Chapel – how to stop Michaelangelo hitting the roof…..

THE HHCL Manifesto

pdf (2.7MB) Marketing at a point of change – Written by Adam Lury. This is a seminal document from the early 1990s written I believe by Adam Lury for the late lamented HHCL the greatest agency of its time. It still reads as a radical document. Imagine how we felt when we first saw it nearly 15 years ago?

pdf(3.3MB) JWT Planning Guide- Written by the late Stephen King the Daddy of Account planning – you can get hold of Stephen’s published works now from the APG – and I really must read and review it. But for now here is a taster.



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